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Laval is a driven artist who has a background in classical music and funk/jazz piano. Starting to play the piano as early as 4 years old, Laval still plays to this day. Academically speaking, she started her studies at the conservatorium in Tilburg, but did not finish them.

About 8 years ago, Laval was first introduced to house music, deep house and minimal house, and later on discovered techno. Techno was an instant match, she immediately knew this was her niche. Laval believes the rhythm and feel of techno is the definition of “good vibes.”

Getting together with some DJ friends made Laval want to discover whether DJing was something she too should pursue. Laval did a DJ course and was thrilled about it. Since DJing is at the end of the music-making process, so to speak, she wanted to experience producing electronic music from scratch. Laval finished the SAE electronic music producer course in Amsterdam as certified producer in 2016.

Laval’s music was initially described as minimal industrial techno and certain ‘darkness’ within the beats. She prefers to think of her music as entailing ‘different dimensions’. Which is exactly what she strives to achieve; appealing to all different types people and to different layers and dimensions within each individual. Listening and experiencing Laval’s music provides euphoria and a feeling of coming home.

Although Laval’s first gigs started in Eindhoven, she definitively started DJing in 2018 in Rio de Janeiro. She has had several opportunities to play. Performing various times in Nacomuna, it remains one of her favorite places, but of course Laval loved to do the opening sets at Tô na Laje parties in Vidigal and a set in Barzin nightclub’s lounge in Ipanema.

Laval is an enthusiastic DJ and producer, always up for DJing or anything music related whatsoever. The sensation that music gives its listener, and the atmosphere of people enjoying and dancing to it together, is exactly the good vibes Laval wants to create with her musical productions.